GMAT Focus Edition: Things to Know

GMAC has launched a new version of GMAT known as GMAT Focus Edition. Along with the launch of GMAT Focus Edition, the Old GMAT Exam will also be available to candidates till January 31, 2024.

Here are some major changes to understand and compare the GMAT Exam and GMAT Focus Edition.

GMAT Focus Edition Exam Structure:

Some New Features:

  • Bookmark option is available in all three sections for all the questions. You may review
    all the questions at the end of section (Subject to time remaining for the section) and edit max three answers before submitting the section.
  • Now you can select any order of sections as per your choice.
  • No Analytical writing Assessment in GMAT Focus Edition.
  • One 10 min optional break can be availed after either 1 st or 2 nd Section.
  • Quantitative Reasoning section only consists of Problem Solving questions.
  • Data Sufficiency and IR Questions will be asked in Data Insights, which makes IR questions
    much important now.
  • All the three sections (Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insights)
    contribute to overall score.
  • All sectional scores will be from 60 to 90 with interval of 1.
  • Total Score will be from 205 to 805 ending with 5 and interval of 10.

Important points to note:

  • Total Score ending with 5 distinguish The GMAT Focus Edition Score from The GMAT Exam Score.
  • Comparison of The GMAT Exam Score and The GMAT Focus Edition Score should only be done based on percentile of Candidate.
  • Detailed Score reports will be provided to the candidates after Exam.
  • Program selection for score reporting can be done after receiving the official score within 48 hours.
  • Each Official Score report will only contain one exam score.