How Can I attempt GMAT questions within 1 minute

If anyone who have clicked on this blog thinking that it will list ways which will tell to attempt each question within one minute then please click away :-
There are many questions in GMAT which can be solved within a minute but also there are some questions which will take one minute to understand only. This is why we say calculating average time on GMAT is risky. That’s why if anyone is in belief of using average time on each question then definitely we will be left with many questions in the end.

So we at Hayden & Reynott recommend student to follow 1 minute rule in GMAT because we get around 2 minutes of time for every question but let’s imagine a scenario where we spent 2 minutes on every question and still we are unable to find its solution so we won’t be left with any time to reattempt that question.
Let’s understand what is this 1 minute rule in GMAT
Let me be very clear that we are not solving every question in one minute. It simply means we will allocate one minute of time to every question in order to identify if we can conclusively solve that question in one minute or we need to skip that. If you haven’t figured out how to approach a certain question within a minute, or don’t even understand what exactly the question requires you to do, chances are you will not be reaching an answer within the next minute or so.
Here are few points which can help you in following one minute rule ;-

  1. Read question and answer choices properly.
  2. Note down what question wants you to answer.
  3. Note any additional information which can be given in question.
  4. Plan a attack i.e apply the concept which will be used.

Understanding how a minute in GMAT looks like –
Feeling of a minute on GMAT is a very odd thing to do but it is very possible. It is also obvious you cannot solve each and every question at the beginning of test prep. You should take your time and work towards time management in the end when all the preparation is being done. If you start time management in starting you will not be able to clear all concepts in detail. So to get a feel of minute on test you should use stopwatch and set a timer on it. Follow the points which we have shared above.