Importance of Integrated Reasoning in GMAT Focus

Integrated Reasoning (IR) was a completely different section in GMAT Exam till 31st January 2024 but New GMAT Focus edition has completely changed the scenario. Although it is part of the Data insight section in the New GMAT focus edition, it carries a different value in the GMAT Exam Now.

Subtopics of Integrated Reasoning in GMAT Exam:
1. Table Analysis
2. Graphing Interpretation
3. Two part Analysis
4. Multi-source Reasoning

The previous version included a separate IR section; however, it was not being included in the total scoring of the exam. Hence, students were not as focused on the IR section but they were more concerned about the Quant and Verbal Sections (which affected the overall Scoring).

Currently, as Integrated Reasoning is part of the Data Insight Section (which contributes towards the overall composite score in GMAT Focus), It is mandatory for everyone to attempt each of the Integrated Reasoning Questions. Since leaving a question blank in the GMAT Exam is not an option, you have to write the answer of each question in order to get the next Question. Therefore, even if you are great at solving Data sufficiency (which consists of half of the data insight questions), you will have to master IR as well, in order to Ace the GMAT.