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Best Overseas Education Consultancy In Dubai, UAE

  • Ivy Advising + Program involves the application and essay assistance from Ivy League Advisors alongside profile building through our programs in robotics, research assistance, and more, customized to the needs of each student.
  • Ivy Advising Program involves end-to-end application assistance by advisors from top universities like Harvard, Stanford, U.Chicago, CMU, and various others.
  • Elite Advising for students of 9th, 10th, and 11th standard.
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Assistance.
  • Score high in SAT/ACT Program with excellent guidance from our trainers and enhance your score by 200 pts through SAT/ACT Program.
  • Our Undergraduate Programs: Choose among 150 areas of study like Liberal Arts, Medicine, Engg, Psychology, Architecture & others.
  • UG Scholarships for The U.S. – Get 80-100% tuition fee waivers for students who score 1300+/29+ across SAT/ACT Exams.
  • Score high on GMAT/GRE! Get Trained by the best instructors with top scores in GMAT/GRE. 200+drills for comprehensive practice.

Our team believes constant improvement is very necessary

Despite carrying a very rich experience, we believe that success comes through constant effort. Our team understands that aspiring students have to confront a variety of challenges. So, we frequently upgrade ourselves so that aspirants can accomplish their long-cherished dream without encountering many hurdles. As the best overseas education consultancy in Dubai, we extend full professional support to the students throughout the course.

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  • More than 4300-course options available at the undergraduate level.
  • Huge scholarship for students with SAT@1450+/ ACT@33+/ GRE@325+/ GMAT@700+ scores.
  • Be a part of top universities like HARVARD, STANFORD, PRINCETON, CMU, COLUMBIA, CORNELL, OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, NUS, and MIT with our Ivy Advising & Ivy Advising + Program.
  • Improvement in the actual New SAT Exam Vs Diagnostic test through our well-researched content and experienced faculty.
Experienced and knowledgeable education consultants understand what is best for aspiring students. There are several streams and courses available. Before pursuing higher education, you must approach the best education consultants in Dubai. Hayden &Reynott offers pivotal advice to the students. Proper set of advices can play a key role in shaping your future. We also assist students in preparing for numerous examinations and assessments. At Hayden &Reynott, we believe that every student has the right to grow. The field of education keeps on witnessing constant changes due to various reasons. Only the top education consultants in UAE, such as Hayden &Reynott can guide you to the best path. We are here to give you valuable insights so that you can avoid all type of hassles. Hayden &Reynott is a leading educational consultant and all we want is to contribute to the progress of students. What brings Hayden &Reynott in the list of top education consultants in UAE? The Hayden &Reynott strives for quality and perfection, Our method of working is highly systematic. As a goal-centered counseling firm,, we guide aspiring students from initial counseling stage  to their final admission.

We have handpicked consultants and counselors


Experiencing abroad education consultation services saves a significant amount of time. We have handpicked consultants, instructors and counselors in our team. It is our responsibility to ensure that every student who reaches out to us, does wonders in academic journey. We will assist you to choose the right field of education as per your skills and budget. Before enrolling in a prestigious university, you must consult with professionals so that any complications can be avoided.

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Helping to learn admission procedure

Each college and university has its own unique application procedure. We guide students at each step and ensure any type ofconfusion is not bothering them. Timing also matters during the admission process. We assist students in the best possible manner. It is the dream of Hayden &Reynott to become a one-stop-solution for all your overseas educational requirements. If you are looking for an overseas education consultancy in Dubai, look no further than us. Beside consultancy, we also assist students in preparing for ACT, SAT, UCAT, GMAT, GRE,TOEFL, IELTS, etc.


Feel free to contact the team of Hayden &Reynott, if you are searching for the best education consultants in Dubai. Our professional support is not limited to the process of admission only, but we also help in miscellaneous areas as well. We act as a caring guardian for students who have decided to pursue education overseas.