Ryerson University

About Ryerson University

The Ryerson Institute of Technology was established in 1948 in response to the need for skilled tradespeople following the Second World War. Proving a commitment to build on its research capacity and academic reach, Ryerson gained official university status in 1993.  In 2002, Ryerson Polytechnic University shortened its title to Ryerson University, reflecting the school’s rising profile as a full-fledged university with strong academic programming. Ryerson University is currently recognized as a leading institution for research and innovation, being ranked the top institution for undergraduate research in Canada in 2014. Within the past decade, the university has launched various research centres and institutes, as well as the Zone Learning option for students and business professionals interested in entrepreneurship.

Class Profile


Test Scores


Acres – 121 Acres

Number of campuses – 3


Number of Research Institutes – 39

Number of Scholarships – 512


Endowment – CAD 140 million

Source: www.ryerson.ca

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