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Founded in 1832, the University of Bradford is an open university that is an institute of mechanics. The plate-glass university received its official certification in the year 1966 and became the 40th university to be established in England. Having a history that dates back to the early 19th century, the university now maintains two campuses located at Emm Lane and on Richmond Road.


The university provides 5 faculties which were called schools at one time but changed after making their sub-units in 2014. Four out of five faculties are set at the city campus. These faculties include Engineering & Informatics, Computing, Informatics and Media, Engineering, Design and Technology, Health Studies, Life Sciences, Management, Law, and Social Science, and Social and International Studies. Moreover, in 1973, it became the first British university to set up a Department of Peace Studies, which is now the largest university centre in the world.

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