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At Virginia Commonwealth University part of a culture that values hard work, stick-to-it-ness, and even — dare we say it? — grit. You are part of a community that loves its city, serves its city, and learns from its city. As a Ram, you also love a good Cinderella story — like the time VCU surprised the country and made it to the NCAA Final Four. These are the success stories that make you cheer, make you proud, make you #RamProud.

VCU is ranked in the top 100 research universities by the National Science Foundation. And we’re home to one of the top-ranked public graduate art schools. What does that mean for you? Research and creativity are two of our greatest strengths, and they will be part of your VCU education, no matter what field you pursue.

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Test Scores


Area – 169 Acres

Residence Hall Capacity – 6234

24 Dining Venus on Campus


300+ Research Presentation during Research Week

36 Chartered Centers and Institutions for research


Endowment – $335 Million

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