Tips for students whose applications are affected by COVID-19

While COVID-19 has made things pretty unpredictable where Fall 2020 college applications are concerned, there are steps you can take if you’re worried about application process that will be affected by the pandemic. Let’s start with some tips:-

1. Keep your ACT/SAT study materials handy:- We know that many schools have chosen to go test optional for students who are planning for fall 2020 but still there are chances that one of the schools you are looking keep SAT/ACT requirement.

There is also a possibility that a scheduled SAT/ACT exam date being cancelled and you are stressed out because you have spent past few months preparing hard for the same. But again I will advice to stay in touch with concepts for the exam and try to practice daily so that you don’t forget anything and when the exam is rescheduled you are able to perform best there.

2. Try to become active in extracurricular: – Track and field, soccer, choir competitions, lacrosse, state FFA conventions: these are just a few of the extracurricular activities that may have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But many students are stressed out that how will they show college admissions that they are involved in other activities.

We also know nothing can replace the excitement of these activities but there are some activities which are involved in social distancing and will show the same impact on college admissions which other outdoor activities are showing.

3. Start reaching out to university admissions:- If you are thinking that Covid-19 will be affecting your application process than start reaching out to admission office of your desired college and talk to them about the future process of admissions.

As per my knowledge I have seen that many universities have started thinking upon giving accommodations directly case by case to affected applicants. The only way you can benefit yourself is to communicate clearly with them regarding yours.

4. Signing up for mail lists:- The best way to get up the quick info about what’s going on regarding applications and admissions is to sign up for university email lists.
When you sign up there you start receiving updates from different schools regarding admissions and applications and you will stay on top as you know what changes will be taking place and how will it affect you.